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Meet Haones Suites

The Guesthouse “Haones Suites” is located in Ioannina, a block away from the entrance of the famous cave of Perama and just four kilometers from the centre of Ioannina. It has a commanding view of both Mount Mitsikeli and Pamvotis lake. It is built according to the local tradition,with stone and earthly materials, and consists of three main buildings.

The nine spacious and luxurious suites are fully equipped and are designed to meet your every need. At Haones Suites we give great importance to breakfast, the first meal of the day, both in variety and quality! Using fresh local ingredients we make our own pies, pastries, scones and jams. All these are alternated daily so that you can try as many flavors as possible during your stay.

In our guest lounge you can relax to the sounds of soft music and enjoy your coffee, tea or drink by the fireplace. Our hotel is the perfect base for your excursions either in the beautiful city of Ioannina or in the nearby Zagori region with its picturesque stone villages, the amazing green wooded slopes, the traditional cobble paths that cross the National Park Vikos-Aoos, the running clear waters of Voidomatis river that crosses Vikos Gorge, and finally the famous stone bridges.

A few words about the Haonians

They were one of the ancient tribes of Epirus of Pelasgian origin that inhabited the region stretching from the mountains to Akrokerafnia Thyamis River (current Kalamas). Thucydides calls them Haones. In 429 BC, during the Peloponnesian War, they joined forces with Amprakiotes and tried to subdue all of Acarnania away from the Athenians with the assistance of the Spartans who offered fleet and a thousand soldiers.

Their attempt was unsuccesful as they were ambushed by the residents and were forced to flee the city (Thucydides History, B 80-81); The leaders of the Chaones in this battle were Photios and Nicanor.