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Combine your vacation with activities while enjoying the natural landscape of Epirus.


For those who want to get in touch with the beauty of the mountain and experience the magic of exploration, mountaineering offers the perfect opportunity. And most importantly everyone can do this sport.

The location of Ioannina makes it a very easy getaway for a walk or even for hiking in one of the many locations in our area. Ideal getaway from the rhythms of the city with your place of stay next to nature.


In the Prefecture of Ioannina there are clubs active in air sports and more in paragliding. If you visit us you can choose one of the many peaks in our many mountains to "take off" provided you are experienced and knowledgeable in the sport or follow the professionals for an aerial ride over Ioannina.


Near Haones Suites there are countless sites for those who have canoe or rafting as their favorite sport. You can take care of yourself or we can recommend you professionals who organize such activities.

Mountain biking

Even for cycling lovers, Ioannina is an ideal place as they combine small roads through villages with roads to mountains, lakes and rivers. You can learn from us the best places to do your hobbies.