Guesthouse Haones Suites

A few meters away from the entrance of the Cave of Perama, overlooking Mount Mitsikeli and Lake Pamvotida.

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A luxurious guesthouse in the heart of Ioannina

The Guesthouse “Haones Suites” is located in Ioannina, a block away from the entrance of the famous cave of Perama and just four kilometers from the city centre. It has a commanding view of both Mount Mitsikeli and Pamvotis lake. It is built according to the local tradition,with stone and earthly materials, and consists of one main building and two additional buildings.

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The suites
of Guest House

The suites of Guest House

Haones Suites guest house consists of nine different luxurious suites which are divided into four categories: Deluxe Suites, Junior Suites, Executive Suites and Maisonette with Lake View.

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The capital of Epirus

Ioannina a magical and legendary city

Lake Pamvotida, a well-known inhabited island and a favorite city: Ioannina. The lake that animates the legends of Ali Pasha and Kira-Frosini. The island with its white houses and important monasteries, the walks in the castle with the narrow streets. The lakeside road with cafes and endless traffic, good food, vibrant nightlife and the distinct corners that maintain the tradition.

Unique monuments and sights such as Dodoni, the Cave of Perama, museums. Ioannina is the capital of Epirus and the base for excursions to this legendary place. Modern but rich in historical memories, built at an altitude of 500 meters between the slopes of Mount Mitsikeli and the banks of Lake Pamvotida. It has 100,000 inhabitants, many beautiful houses with local traditional architecture, the University of Ioannina and it is the most important commercial and intellectual center of Epirus.

Perama Ioannina
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